Human healthcare

The human blood should be considered as a diagnostic tool that carries information about the condition of the human body. We are also able to monitorize the state of each organ, moreover the functionality of the cells without any biopsy only from the analysis of the bloodstream. The variance with the normal state can imply the presence of different diseases.

The scope of the Biomicrofluidics Laboratory related to the human healthcare is focusing on the analysis of serological samples. The potential coming from the analysis of the extracellular microvesicles/exosomes highlights the opportunity the better understanding of the cell-to-cell communication, the seeds for subsequent growth of additional tumors (metastasis) and the behaviour of circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

In the last two decades, the increasing number of medical researchers on the field of cancer diagnostics are turning their interest onto the CTCs. The idea is getting to be accepted that these CTCs are responsible for the cancer transfer between different organs and for the majority of cancer-related deaths.